Do you live purposefully and passionately?  Do you rise in the morning, ready to jump in to this grand adventure called living?  Vision produces purpose and passion.

"Everyone ends up somewhere," says Craig Groeschel, "but few end up somewhere on purpose."

What is God's vision for YOUR life?

"Chazown" (pronounced khaw-ZONE) is a Hebrew word meaning "dream, revelation or vision."

Groeschel, lead pastor of LifeChurch, recently wrote a practical guide for discovering this vision, simply called Chazown

This little book takes readers through a step by step process of exploring their core values, spiritual gifts and past experiences to discover their unique and specific purpose.  It's a great leadership resouce!

Even better, Groeschel and team developed an extraordinary website to help you navigate this experience, creating your personal timeline, discovering your gifts, determining your values -- determining your goals in light of this -- and then providing a 100 day action plan to accomplish them.

I intend to use this outstanding leadership resource as a text for ministerial students, and leadership groups within my congregation. 

(View an excerpt here)

(a complimentary copy of Chazown was provided to me by Waterbrook Multnomah for review.)


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