Unread Bibles

"Most Bibles in the homes of Christians never get read."
-- Thom Rainer, When the Bible is Read


Anonymous said…
Reading the Bible is only part of it. Many Bibles get read in church, but the readers fail to follow HIS WORD.
Steve Gerich said…
Mark - that puts a greater importance on the reading of scripture on Sunday mornings and requires a determination to preach at a deeper level. Remember Stott's Langham logic "But the standards of preaching and clear exposition of the Bible are sadly very poor or non-existent in so many parts of the world. Even in many churches that call themselves ‘evangelical’, the Bible is hardly ever preached in a simple, systematic and applied way."
Nellie Dee said…
Seriously? How can this be? That's really sad. Is that true for our church?
I do believe that I will have to add that to my prayers for God to prepare His church/His bride. Thanks for making me aware.

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