The Other Side of Nowhere is This Side of Somewhere

 "The other side of nowhere," said Charles Kingsley, "is very likely to be this side of somewhere!"

 Have you been passed over? Are you slighted, neglected and ignored? Do you find yourself overworked and under-appreciated?

 You're on this side of somewhere!

 If things are looking down -- look up! Help is on the way!  Discouragement is the fertile soil where new hope blossoms bright and grows.

 You're on this side of somewhere!

 The answer does not come before the question.
 The solution requires a problem.
 The victory is gained through struggle.
 The mountain top comes with a corresponding valley.
 The spring always follows winter's chill.

 You're on this side of somewhere!

 Have you been forsaken by loved ones? Are you feeling left behind and lonely?

 Take heart, my friend! You're on this side of somewhere!

 Is your mind bound up by anxious care? Are you burdened with tomorrow's fear? This is a good day to let it all go. Bid farewell to regret, resentment, and remorse. Shake their hands, then see them out the door.

 You're on this side of somewhere!

 God is everywhere -- even beside you right now as you read this. Wherever God is -- even the other side of nowhere -- it's somewhere! Yes, it's somewhere special!

 So, be your true self. Look up to heaven. Say a prayer. Stop wishing over the fence and plant a garden.

 You're on this side of somewhere!


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