April Showers?

A picture of our deck this morning


Anonymous said…
Went out like a lion, huh? The robins are down here in west central Illinois, Mark.. They'll be there soon. And your crocus are probably blooming, they're just hiding under the snow.
Have a wonderful spring!
Dannie & Shirley Kirby
Keetha said…
Oh I know you don't want that snow NOW - - - but it sure is pretty!!!!
Pastor Joy said…
Well, the look is the same here in Northern Michigan. It has been snowing on and off all day today. We still have a good foot of snow in our yard and where we have shoveled/plowed this winter, we have three or more feet. UGH!!! Downstate my Mom has a few flowers coming up, as they have no snow just 2 hours south of us. Spring will come....EVENTUALLY!!!
Dale Argot said…
Hey Mark; Guess winter wanted to play an April Fool's joke on you. Both Wayne and I enjoyed the snow pictures. Today it was 70 degrees; it started rainy, but then we had some sun this afternoon. It won't be long before I'm going to have to cut the grass :)
Bernard Shuford said…
Global cooling.

Musta been the results of Earth Hour.


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